S. Gavrilets photo.

Transdisciplinary research at the interface of biology, social sciences, mathematics, and computational science.
I use mathematical models and agent-based simulations to study complex evolutionary processes in biological and social systems. Over the last several years, my research interests have mostly concentrated on the following areas:
   - Human origins
   - The evolution of social complexity
   - Human behavior in cooperation and conflict
   - Cultural evolution
   - Social norms and beliefs
   - Social institutions
Previously I have also worked on
   - Speciation and biological diversification
   - Sexual conflict and sexual selection
   - Coevolution and frequency-dependent selection
   - Fitness landscapes
   - Dynamics and maintenance of genetic variation
   - Phenotypic plasticity and genotype-environment interaction

I am the Director of the Center for the Dynamics of Social Complexity (DySoC), a Research Affiliate at the School of Anthropology, University of Oxford, UK, and an External Faculty at the Complexity Science Hub Vienna, Austria. I was the Associate Director for Scientific Activities at the National Institute for Mathematical and Biological Synthesis (NIMBioS) during the life of the NSF award (2008-2021).

My research has been supported by the NIH, the NSF, the John Templeton Foundation, and the DOD (Army Research Office, Minerva Research Initiative, Office of Naval Research, Air Force Research Laboratory).